Strategies for Success

At Daggett & Associates, our candidates are respected partners.  When working with candidates, we afford them the same courtesy that we wish to generate in return. We believe in a collaborative process that ensures that the right candidate is placed in a job that will be both challenging and rewarding.

We have included information on this site that can help you increase your prospects for job search success, whether working with recruiters, fine-tuning your resume, or building an effective network:

  • Search Process reviews the fundamental elements of executive search and the collaborative interactions between recruiter and candidate.
  • Resources includes links to relevant career sites, as well as articles addressing “best practices” in essential activities including job search, company research, professional networking, exit strategies / building bridges, interviews, negotiating compensation, and career development.
  • Resume Tips contains critical guidelines for resume excellence, including format, structure and content (as well as things to avoid).
  • Submit Resume provides guidelines and an e-mail link for submitting your resume.  This will facilitate joining Daggett & Associates’ candidate network.

We hope you will avail yourself of these tools -- and we welcome your inputs, including what would be most helpful to you in finding a new job or enhancing an existing one.

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