Hiring for Success

Daggett & Associates is a leading provider of executive search services to high technology companies.  We operate nationwide, drawing from core networks in two of the nation's premier technology centers:  Silicon Valley in northern California, and Greater Boston’s Route 128 technology corridor in eastern Massachusetts. We work with a diverse client group including start-ups, pre-public, and Fortune 1000 companies, hiring skilled senior managers to fill critical operating roles.  Areas of emphasis include positions in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Operations and Human Resources (see also Our Searches). We have successfully completed assignments for multi-national organizations, with placements in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

With more than four decades of collective experience, our firm brings a total management approach to the hiring process. When competing for top talent, our comprehensive program offers a strategic advantage for the successful completion of key searches.  We follow a defined, 10 - step process:

  1. We work in partnership with client management to develop an understanding of the company’s culture, goals and long-term personnel requirements.  We gain a detailed knowledge of the business and the organizational structure.
  2. We define the attributes of the search, including the hiring organization, reporting structure, job title, job responsibilities, and the candidate’s desired skills and qualifications.
  3. Working with the hiring organization, we prepare a comprehensive Job Specification. This document serves as both a reference text and as a marketing tool, effectively presenting the job and the hiring Company to prospective candidates.  In addition to the position description, it includes information on the Company, management team, products and market.
  1. We develop a strategy for executing the search, including extensive research, networking and advertising/marketing.  Our goal is to rapidly identify, make contact with, and attract the most qualified candidates.
  2. We source and identify prospective candidates. We pre-screen all candidates to ensure that their skills, experience, and job expectations are a match with the defined opportunity.
  3. Based on prescreening, we select those individuals who are most qualified for the opportunity. We conduct in-depth interviews to further assess business, management and technical acumen, as well as personality and behavioral traits. 
  4. We select and recommend a short list of candidates to the client.  For each, we prepare a detailed, written assessment of the candidate’s experiences and qualifications.  This assessment highlights skills, attributes and achievements that are highly relevant to the client’s needs and job requirements.
  5. We present approved candidates to the client on a timely basis.  We assist the client in planning and scheduling interviews. We closely monitor the communication process to ensure that all issues are raised and responded to.
  1. Once the client has selected its top candidate, we conduct reference audits. Based on an agreed-to list, we contact all references and conduct interviews.  We prepare a written report of all pertinent communications.
  2. We evaluate and discuss all inputs with our client.  Once the client has made their candidate choice, we assist the client in structuring and negotiating the terms of employment.  We maintain ongoing contact with the client and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition into their new job.

Bottom line, we drive the search and candidate evaluation process from the initial job definition through candidate selection, job offer and employment.  We conduct status meetings with management, and support the company in all matters pertinent to the search.  We are committed to hard work, fair practices, and straightforward communications.

Through this process, we ensure that our clients hire candidates who will succeed in, and add value to the organization.


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