Extending Your Team

Interim managers are highly effective at addressing and resolving critical business challenges.  They bring a wealth of knowledge to the task at hand, honed by years of experience and problem solving. 

Interim managers are also an ideal solution for vital short- to medium-term projects.  They are much quicker to recruit than a full-time staff member, and provide high-level leadership with a drive to get the job done.  They offer time-tested strategies for success, as well as creative insights into new business practices and tools. Their focus and passion can energize teams, efficiently producing sought-after results.

Whether your company is in transition, experiencing rapid growth, or requiring specialized skills and direction, Daggett & Associates has the resources to match your requirements. We employ or contract with a deep bench of professionals who can hit the ground running and meet your most pressing interim management needs. These individuals are proven corporate warriors, each in a position to make a 150% commitment to your organization for as short as a month or as long as a year.

Whether itís strategic planning, raising capital, turnaround/recovery, marketing execution, business development or quality improvement, we have proven executives ready to get the job done.  Our network resources include:

    • Executive Management
    • Financial Leadership
    • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
    • Human Resources
    • Research, Development and Applications Engineering
    • Operations / Manufacturing and Quality
    • IT Management
    • Project Management

Please contact us for additional information on our Interim Management Services.

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