Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Daggett & Associates provides Leader and Leadership Development services to companies seeking to expand the capabilities and synergies within their workforce.

Leader development focuses on the development of the leader or chief executive (CEO), including the desired professional and personal attributes, business conduct, and management style and capabilities.  Typically, this process focuses on:

    • Defining development goals;
    • Providing opportunities for development (including motivation, mentoring and training);
    • Providing feedback and a supportive environment for change to occur.

Benefits:  The CEO epitomizes their company and is the driving factor behind a company’s culture, vision and growth.  Leader development may improve not only the individual’s capacity to direct and manage, but also their capacity to learn, mentor, build teams and interact at all levels of the company. It will also facilitate building improved relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders.  By improving the CEO’s potential for growth and success, you increase opportunities for the entire organization.

Leadership development focuses on the development of leadership as a process.  This includes the dynamics between the chief executive and his or her team, the organizational climate and culture, and programs that promote the elevation of key-person employees to management or leadership roles. Leadership development may include:

    • Talent identification.
    • Management development, including individual development planning.
    • Succession planning.
    • 360-degree feedback (multi-rater feedback).
    • Mentoring.
    • Coaching.

Benefits:  Leadership development helps a company ensure that its key person workforce is reaching full potential.  It also ensures that new managers are being trained on an ongoing basis to step into increasingly demanding roles as the company’s needs grow or change.  Leadership development may also serve as an effective retention program for the company’s top achievers, helping them to maintain a high level of job interest and skills required for promotion.

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