Science versus Art

Merger and acquisition (M&A) integration is sometimes considered as much art as science. In truth, it is a complex, high-stakes process that is best executed using a defined set of proven principals and processes.  Daggett & Associate works with our clients to define a framework and implementation plan that will improve merger performance and integration success.

Key questions asked and answered will include:

  • How will executives identify critical integration issues during the due diligence process?
  • How can these issues best be addressed during merger negotiations?
  • Who are the key executive and senior management personnel on each side of the merger and how should they work together during the integration?
  • What integration tools will be most effective for each organizational level?
  • Who are the stakeholders impacted and what are their concerns?  How should management communicate with stakeholders?
  • How do we successfully integrate the acquired company’s employees, benefits and culture?

Other program components include:

  • Developing a clear and concise statement of M&A integration strategy and objectives.
  • Developing a framework for M&A integration, including key issues, priorities, integration team structure, buy-in processes, and major projects.
  • Establishing clear lines of authority and responsibility for merger and integration components.
  • Developing press and/or Q&A for marketing the transaction and overcoming objections (Board, stakeholders, customers, and management).
  • Designing a communications strategy and infrastructure, including crisis communications.
  • Devising a plan for motivating and retaining key personnel.


Daggett & Associates M&A Integration Services will be tailored to your company’s specific situation and requirements. Regardless of the chosen program components, you will come away with clear answers regarding, “What can I expect to happen?” and a defined program for responding to your most critical integration issues.

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