A Roadmap for Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Development (OD) refers to the concept that an organization over time may become more effective at achieving its goals. OD is a roadmap and strategy for changing the beliefs, culture and structure of an organization so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets and challenges.

Daggett & Associates assists clients in planning and implementing OD practices to more successfully manage their company’s organization, culture and achievement. Working in partnership with company management, we design and deploy processes engineered to bring about a specified end result.

Our services emphasize key OD processes, including:

    • Managing Change (Assessing the need for change, designing a plan, coaching change leaders and managing resistance to change.)
    • Organization Culture (Organizational culture describes the attitudes, beliefs and values of the organization. Management may try to determine a culture that supports the goals and objectives of the organization.)
    • Performance Improvement (Generate ideas for modifying the organization and infrastructure to achieve increased performance results.)
    • Succession Planning (Identifying and preparing qualified employees, through mentoring, training and job rotation, to replace key players within an organization as their term expires.)
    • Team Building (Developing greater collaboration and trust between team members.)
    • Workforce Planning (Proactively analyzing and forecasting talent needed to execute business strategies.)

The successful implementation of Organizational Development processes will produce long-term benefits to the company, employees, customers and investors alike.

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