Effective Job Transition

Daggett & Associates provides structured Outplacement services to clients wishing to assist downsized or terminated employees. Theses services include:

    • Career evaluation and setting career goals;
    • Planning and executing a job search;
    • Job transition support.

We offer these services on an individualized basis, or to groups at a client-sponsored outplacement location.  Employees will receive outplacement training that helps them to:

    • Delineate the role of hiring market participants;
    • Highlight their most marketable skills;
    • Define target industries, jobs and desirable companies;
    • Develop an effective resume;
    • Identify high-quality job sources and job leads;
    • Learn how to navigate job databases;
    • Learn effective interview techniques;
    • Post-interview follow-up and network management.

We will assist your employees with their job transition, and set them back on a path towards career satisfaction and growth. Please contact us for additional information on our Outplacement services.

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