Growth and Revitalization

As companies grow they may become “out of balance” in the distribution of their management resources and talent groups.  This can be particularly true for organizations that achieve growth both organically and through mergers or acquisitions.

Daggett & Associates helps its clients renew and reorganize their leadership to ensure the efficient functioning of the organization.  This process may require shifting of existing personnel, modification of reporting relationships, leadership training, hiring new talent, or the reformation of a company’s entire organizational structure with the goal of producing a more effective and productive entity.

This process begins with a statement of goals, followed by an analysis of the current organizational structure and the strengths and weaknesses of each department or team and team member. Once our assessment is complete, we make recommendations for changes we believe are necessary for the client to meet its stated growth plan and strategic objectives. We work with management and the Board of Directors, as necessary, to prepare and implement a plan to achieve the desired outcome.

We guide our clients through a process that will ensure having the right resources, at the right level, in the right place, at the right time.  This renewal process will assure that the company is prepared to meet the future.

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